Percent of Albania is mountains


Metres is the average altitude of Albania


Metres is the highest mountain in Albania


Hello and welcome to the first step towards an exciting, adventurous trip into the Albanian alps. We are a guesthouse located high up in the heart of the alps. Our area is called Theth an it is the perfect base for adventure. The surrounding mountains are ideal for hiking and the valleys are peaceful and beautiful.
Use our guesthouse as a base in Thethi and spend your days relaxing or exploring the mountains.
let our guides show the best places or forge your own path. Thethi is so remote that you will become closer to nature and escape the hustle and bustle of modern technological life.
Hospitality at our guesthouse in Thethi is second to none and you will be welcomed with all the generosity our people are known for.


“If you go to Thethi, you could write books about its beauty. The water, the air and the nature, these are the stories”

Georg Heinshemer, a great alpinist

“If you are on the trust of these people, you are more secure than in any other place on the world”

Mr. Franc Nopca